The intramural program at Washington Adventist University is designed to meet the needs of the students, faculty, and staff by providing the college community an opportunity to enjoy recreational activities in a relaxed social environment.  Previous sporting experience is not a prerequisite and all participants are encouraged to involve themselves in as many activities as their time & interest will permit.

The intramural staff understands that intramural participation is an integrated part of the Washington Adventist University experience.



All students taking a minimum of 3 hours, faculty, and staff (must be at least half-time employee) are eligible to participate in the intramural program.

1)   A player must represent only one team in a sport in a given season.

2)   Teams may not play ineligible players even with mutual agreement by both teams.

3)   Questions on eligibility should be referred to the intramural director.  At such time as an inquiry is made, the intramural director will determine the player's eligibility.



The objective of all intramural activities is to provide recreation through participation.  If a team or individual forfeits a game, this objective is not met.  With this principle in mind, the following rules have been established.

1)  A team or individual forfeiting more than two games will be removed for the season.

2)  A forfeit will occur ten minutes after game time.

3)   A full starting line up must be present to start a game.



Protests may be filed only concerning misinterpretation of the rules by an official or scorer.  Protests may not be filed over judgment calls.

A protest must be made known to the official or intramural director at the time of the discrepancy.  A written protest must be filed with the intramural director within 24 hours after the end of the contest.  All decisions through the intramural office will be final.



Because of the physical demands in exercise and sporting activities, it is strongly suggested that all participants undergo a routine physical examination by a physician and have a copy on file with Health Services.  The campus intramural staff takes many precautions to make the activities safer through rule modification, training of officials and supervisors, and inspection of playing facilities.  All injuries must be reported to the officials or supervisor on duty.  All injury transportation should be done in connection with the College Security office.



Good sportsmanship is vital to the campus intramural program.  A team is responsible for the actions for individual team members and spectators related to that team.

A team may be excluded from further participation of any one individual on that team exhibits poor sportsmanship.  If a team or individual is removed from playing by an official during a contest, that player or team must meet with the intramural director and or board prior to their next scheduled game to ensure eligibility for the next contest.  If the player/s have been involved in a physical altercation or extreme verbal abuse the matter may be referred to the College Discipline Committee.  Failure to do so will result in no participation until such a time that the meeting has taken place.  Repeat offenders will be dropped from the league.

The following are considered as evidence of poor sportsmanship:

1)   Profanity or verbal abuse.

2)   Unnecessary roughness

3)   Unnecessary delays of game.

4)   Continued disregard official's decision/direction.

5)   Any action intended to injure an opponent.

6)   Any action that shows disregard for rules or policies.



The campus intramural staff is continually seeking individuals interested in officiating intramural activities.  Officiating intramural activities provides the opportunity to earn extra money, work flexible hours, meet people, and make new friends.  Previous experience is a plus.  

Intramural Signup Instructions


Danny Rosette, Director of IM sports

Contact number: 301-370-5155 

[email protected]